Whom do I call to get ride from train station?

First go to “Travel tab” and read about Transportation from Airport.

After you get on this train, call our volunteer Ratnesh 732-626-5092 (noon -6pm), Gautam 973-722-9191 (2-7pm) and  732-331-5082 (9am-noon only) to let them know what time your train arrives at New Brunswick Train Station.

Please Register here


Step 1: Registration is only on line at http://bit.ly/1nRM9dk

Your registration is valid, only after you complete following step 2 and 3.

Steps 2:  Write a check to “JAINA – Jain Milan 2014” and post mail the check to Gunvant Shah- Jain Milan, 12 Ascot Place, North Brunswick, NJ 08902, USA. Make sure you write participants name on the memo of your check. Mail the check by overnight mail (signature should not be required to deliver) on the same day you register on website to reach us next day and to secure lower price. Registration price is determined by the date stamp by post office on the envelop used to mail your check. Registration price is good only if the payment envelop is clearly post marked by post office otherwise check received date will be used for the price. Do not send your Bio data by post mail. [Sorry, we are not set up to accept credit cards.]

Step 3: E-mail to prof.garyshah@yahoo.com passport size professional quality 2″ x 2″ color photo. Photo should include front face and shoulder only with no background. Name this JPG photo file as “Your first, middle and last Name’s photo”. E-mail photo on the date of the registration to secure the lower price. Do not post mail your photo.

Note 1: Your Jain Milan registration will be complete and valid after you e-mail photo and post mail check with a postal date stamp on the same day of your registration date. Your registration automatically expires if you do not e-mail photo and post mail check with a postal date stamp on the same day of your registration dateIf your registration expires, you could register again by paying the new price on the day of your new registration.

Note 2: Book your Airline ticket after above requirements are fulfilled.

To Register online please click here http://bit.ly/1nRM9dk

Registration price:

Due Date*

or before
or before
or before**
or before**
Daily at Gate
(No Souvenir)
Price* per person $150 $175 $200**$175** Reduced $250**$200 Reduced $150/day
(souvenir excluded)

* Registration price is good only if the payment envelop is clearly post marked by post office on or before the due date otherwise date check received will be used for the price. It does not include Hotel cost.

** Registration received after 9/7/2014 will not be published in the Souvenir book but a separate printout page will be inserted for registration received between 9/8/2014 and 9/14/2014.

What is dress code for the convention?

Dress code for the entire convention, except the outdoor activities, is formal (no jeans, sneakers, hats, etc). Dress to impress! Participants are encouraged to wear business attire (tie or/and jacket for men) or Indian dress on Friday. Bring tennis rackets, all kind of games, jeans/shorts, sneakers, hat etc with you for outdoor picnic on Saturday. Bring Indian outfit for Garaba on Saturday evening. Bring your Dandia. Bring semi formal/casual dress for Sunday.